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Flood solutions 

From Alison McNeil

Friday, 5 February 2021

Has the Environmental Agency looked into introducing beavers to the valley? Recent studies have shown successful reintroduction of beavers has led to significant decrease in river flooding. 

From Mark H

Saturday, 6 February 2021

I'd certainly like to see beavers introduced more widely across the whole country. 

Beavers, I think, work best to slow the flow of fairly slowly-flowing smaller rivers. Our upper valley rivers carry  water in steep-sided valleys, where flooding is acute and severe. Bye bye beavers.. .

Further down the Calder Valley,  beavers could be introduced where slower-flowing tributary streams meet the Calder? 

Around the new Hebble Brook/ Salterhebble junction, around West Vale or Brookfoot, Cromwell Bottom, Clifton lagoons? 

Some years from now, though, when the flow has slowed a lot more in the gathering grounds, I'll enjoy looking at the Midgehole beaver colony as I stroll back from the Blue Pig...