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Centre Vale Park Tree Felling Todmorden

From Ronnie Sparkler

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Yet more Tree felling by Calderdale Council,Another walk in the park to the sound of Chain saws and the sight of big beautiful mature trees crashing to the ground one after another then to be salami sliced and left in a jumble, and so once again the people who "manage" this woodland have succeeded in turning 200 year old things of complete beauty to ugly heaps. 

The use of Leaf Blowers by Calderdale Council is also shocking, these absolutely useless things are Petrol driven ie Carbon polluting, I also believe they break Noise Pollution Laws too, and can you imagine what these things do to any Insect unfortunate enough to get in their way, well given that the most powerful of them put out air at over 200 MPH they get their wings blown off by Calderdale Council.

All I want to say is that if Calderdale Council is serious about the Environment and the problems it faces then the best thing it could do would be to leave it alone, our open spaces should be looked after by people who really care about and understand our land. Please tell the Council our Fauna and Flora don't need their "management".