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Monday, 28 October 2013

Zero carbon green house blocked by Calderdale

Darren and Karen Clithero have designed a house that will heat, cool and ventilate itself. 

The house is carbon neutral and will cost very little or nothing to run. "This house has been designed to look after its occupants and blend into its surroundings" said Darren Clithero. "It will help end the stress caused by ever increasing energy bills and reduce the need for imported fuel".

Eco house

Amost invisible

The only visible part of the house is the triple glazed 'conservatory' window on the south facing side which collects the suns energy, the thick covering of earth and vegetation over the house help to super insulate the property and no heat is lost through wind chill or air leakage.

Electricity and hot water will be generated by photovoltaic and thermo dynamic panels. "All appliances will be minimum 'A' rated efficiency, it will also be the first house in the UK entirely lit by fibre optic lighting" Karen told the HebWeb.

"If all the house is lit up like a Christmas tree it will be using the equivalent of 4 x 40 watt bulbs!

Innovative design

"This house is designed for low visual impact, self sufficient, sustainable building in the green belt" adss Darren Clithero.  The innovative design has been received with great interest at the Eco Shows in London and Manchester and also with great interest by the lecturers and students at Calderdale College of building and Leeds College of building who wish to monitor the build and performance of the house in their studies of sustainable building design and practice. 

Show home for sustainable living

"The house will also be used as a show home for anyone interested in sustainable living and as a prototype for future builds. The design is modular meaning that it can be extended or reduced in size to suit individual family's needs, it also suits a 'terraced house' type of building which can provide affordable housing with the added bonus of no fuel bills."

"As the air entering the building is filtered it will help alleviate or even eliminate respiratory problems in older people and the conservatory area is a good place for growing salad greens and as a recreational area for children" says Karen.

Calderdale planning confusion

"Our first planning officer was really excited by the plans and encouraged us to make a video presentation for the chief planner.  Unfortunately he then went on long term sick leave.  Calderdale Council then issued us a refusal by email and an approval by post!  Our planning consultant was also sent an approval document via email. 

"When approval documents are sent out by mistake as in this case, government legislation states that the council need to revoke the approval documents through the courts, however Calderdale Planning department are refusing to do this yet say that if we build the house they will put a stop on it!

Not a single objection to plans

"We are in a strange and interesting predicament" says Karen. This house is almost invisible blending away into its environment, it uses no carbon generating fuel to stay warm therefore eliminating fuel poverty, it is cheaper to build than a conventional house paving the way forward for future low cost housing and living, everyone so far who has seen the design is very excited by it, no member of the public objected to the plans yet Calderdale planning department are against it! Why?

To view plans and details of the house please visit this web page.

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