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Hebden Bridge Business Forum

Friday, 14 March 2014

The first meeting of the Hebden Bridge Business Forum was a complete success

Over thirty people came to the very first meeting in the Town Hall where it was unanimously agreed that the new business forum was a much needed platform for all Hebden Bridge businesses.

A spokesperson told the HebWeb, "Coming together with a strong voice can effect positive changes to the fabric of our town, and everyone welcomed the opportunity to connect and share knowledge and services."

The comments were varied, but the main themes that emerged were;

  • Improve the parking and transport infrastructure for visitors and businesses in Hebden Bridge
  • Joined up thinking for Hebden Bridge, aligning all our business objectives
  • Develop more accommodation in Hebden Bridge
  • Contribute to the wider community in Hebden Bridge, employment and community resilience.
  • Create an accessible business directory for visitors and existing businesses to use and collectively promote Hebden Bridge as a great place for business.
  • Offer mentoring and support for new business start-ups in Hebden Bridge
  • Create an 'employment bank' of employees who can be shared across many businesses
  • Collaborative Marketing
  • Share the cost of training across businesses
  • Improve signage in the town, perhaps leading to a shopping guide
  • Market the town's 'identity' online and with printed media to increase visitor numbers
  • Improve the look of the town – empty shops in Market Street were discussed
  • Encourage business to business spending in Hebden Bridge, perhaps with a loyalty scheme
  • Collectively employ a person to implement the Business Forums objectives
  • Communicate collectively when approaching potential sources of funding
  • Have a strong voice when proposing or objecting to planning applications.
  • The next steps for the newly formed Hebden Bridge Business Forum, is to form a core team who will direct and administer the Forum. This team will be responsible for ensuring "things get done" and we achieve our ambitions.

The Forum is encouraging people to the spread the word to as many businesses as possible in Hebden Bridge so the forum can become a strong and positive force.

The official launch of the new "HBBF" will be announced soon and you are invited to make your voice heard. Or email the Forum with your thoughts.