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Press Release from the Calderdale Green Party

Calder Valley Green Party to back Labour

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The Green Party in the Calder Valley today announces that it will be recommending a vote for the Labour Party Candidate, Josh Fenton Glynn, in the next general election.

We call on all the people of Calder Valley to support our opposition to a hard Brexit and increasing austerity. 

Josh Fenton Glynn agrees with us on these policies. He, and the Calder Valley Labour Party, also agree with us on the urgent need for a fairer and more proportional voting system to strengthen our democracy. 

Calderdale Green Party officers have had lengthy discussions with Josh and officers of the Calder Valley Labour Party in recent weeks. We will continue to campaign separately on policies where we disagree.

However, we agree on the urgent need for a Green New Deal including a common response to the climate emergency; ending fossil fuel subsidies; increasing support for renewable energy; and affordable public transport.

We also agree that the current extreme levels of inequality are unacceptable. Therefore, we propose improvements to the tax and benefit system, the introduction of a land value tax, a minimum wage of £10 an hour and an end to zero hours contracts.

We also wish to see an end to the creeping privatisation of the NHS, a fully comprehensive and accountable education service and the gradual return to public ownership of the rail, water and energy supply industries.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Our immediate priority is to prevent a minority Tory Government from leading the UK into the arms of President Trump. The Green Party continues to believe that the Brexit crisis is best resolved by a further referendum in which we would campaign for remain.

In the next general election we need an MP for the Calder Valley who is committed to uniting our communities, rebuilding our public services  and reforming our democracy.

That is why, in this unique general election, the Calderdale Green Party recommends that all of those who share our values, support Josh Fenton Glynn as the next MPfor Calder Valley.

Finn Jensen
Blackshaw Head

Chair of Calderdale Green Party