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Craig Whittaker on the HebWeb

Craig Whittaker's Wikipedia page edited anonymously from the House of Commons. A reference to our MP's arrest for allegedly assaulting his son outside a petrol station was deleted, along with his claim to not know about the future of A&E. See the Wikipedia edits and this page from The Political Scrapbook 26 Jan

Halifax A & E: ". . . .if this was a straight forward fight to save A & E in Halifax then YES, I would without question support that aim. However, I don't think it is straightforward . . ." From Craig Whittaker's website 5 March 2014

Yorkshire Post (28 Feb 2014) - Calder Valley Tory MP Craig Whittaker said: "If we focus purely on A&E services, whether the choice is Calderdale Royal or Huddersfield hospitals, then we need to understand that we do say 'keep A&E in Halifax' then that would mean planned surgery goes to Huddersfield. We need to understand and explore the implications of that too."

Parliamentary Question on school achievement: Is it any wonder that Britain's youth have not been prepared for the global race? Under Labour, one in every three pupils left primary school unable to read and write, the number of pupils sitting hard-core subjects halved and our employers totally lost faith in our exam system. Education Secretary, Michael Gove: My hon. Friend makes a good point. 3 Dec 2013

Parliamentary Question: To ask the Secretary of State for International Development how her Department measures the effectiveness of UK Official Development Assistance for health in Burma. 18 Oct 2013

Parliamentary Question: Craig Whittaker, our MP, asked the Secretary of State for International Development what policy objectives her Department aims to achieve by supporting Myanmar's forthcoming census. See also: Forum thread - Myanmar or Mytholmroyd? 17 Oct 2013

Craig Whittaker and gay marriage: Rev Tony Buglass writes: "Well, I'm not surprised to see that Craig is against same-sex marriage, but I'm deeply disappointed in the poor quality of his arguments against it. If he were my student in a philosophy of religion class, and that were his essay, it would be sent back with a big F on it and rather a lot red ink. (I always marked essays in red ink, 'cos that's what my teachers did...) See HebWeb Forum thread from May 2012 and Our MP and gay marriage in HebWeb Forum, Feb 2013

Craig Whittaker's Maiden Speech - "I support the Government's policy on poverty and look forward to playing my part within the House and outside in helping to reduce it." HebWeb News, June, 2010


A&E: Craig Whittaker challenged to debate:Labour's Josh Fenton-Glynn asked our MP to debate the issue in response to an article by Whittaker in last week's Courier. Read more on this, including the 'sticks of celery' jibe. (21 July) Update: Craig Whittaker accepts challenge

Craig Whittaker makes the case for rail investment across the Pennines as well as HS2. Hull to Liverpool is 111 miles but takes 3 hours by train. See Parliamentary report of 28 May 2014.

They Work For You website reports that Craig Whittaker has voted very strongly against raising welfare benefits at least in line with prices. And for reducing central government funding of local government. Feb 2014

Energy expenses: as energy bills rise, the taxpayer contributes towards MPs' bills. Our MP received £705 towards his bill, on top of a salary of over £66k - see Telegraph article. 4 Nov 2013

Craig WhittakerParliamentary Question: Craig Whittaker MP asked a question yesterday in Parliament: What discussions has he (the Minister) had on the effect of the Government's energy policies on the Welsh economy? July 2013

Our MP: voting update - Craig Whittaker yesterday voted against including a clean energy target in the Energy Bill, which was lost by just 12 votes. This follows his voting to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board last month. HebWeb Forum, June 2013

Craig Whittaker arrested: Craig Whittaker, MP for the Calder Valley constituency which includes Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Todmorden, has been arrested for what the Sun describes as a "bust-up" with his son Lee, aged 24. This apparently took place on Boxing Day in Mytholmroyd at 10.30pm. HebWeb News, Feb 2012

Craig Whittaker MP's Expenses - "Can I add that the money went on offices and staff. Can I also add that our MP has being doing surgeries to listen to the people of the constituency" HebWeb Forum, December, 2010


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