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Will the Fox survive?

From Jonny Owen

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Many in the Hebden Bridge community are hoping so and want this traditional pub open for business this year, next year and long into the future, but this is very uncertain. As with so many other great pubs around here, the Fox could disappear, soon and permanently.

Julia, the Land Lady, unfortunately has deteriorating health and is finding it very hard to continue. The pub is now facing imminent closure. She has kept it going despite her difficult situation whilst the Community Group that was set up to buy the pub and hopefully run it like it is today - a traditional English boozer - worked on the means and the money to bring this buyout to fruition and also that Julia can keep her home.

It is now up to all those who don't want to see this fine pub go the way of so many others to act.

From Gerry C

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What Jonny says is very true. But I think there is much cause for optimism. Since the share offer to buy the Fox was launched only a few days ago, people have been rallying round - and 30% of the shares have already been bought. And it keeps going up by by the hour.

This shows there is certainly the will to save the Fox - and a lot of work has been done to ensure this happens.

I think what Jonny is trying to emphasise is that we can't be complacent. If you love this pub, or even Britain's pub culture in general, please don't sit back and hope that someone else will take care of it.

If everyone joins together and contributes whatever they can afford, we will do it and the Fox will be reborn as West Yorkshire's first Co-operative pub. How right that it should be in Hebden Bridge, so well known for its community spirit.

From Drew M

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Will it? I don't know but I really do hope so as it is one of the few real pubs left in the country.

Most of our "pubs" are now eateries of one sort or another, or have turned themselves into a TV lounge for sports fans, or worse still just have a TV on permanently regardless is what is actually on.

Not only that but the Fox serves real beer at a decent price, probably one of the cheapest in town, as it serves beer in lined oversized glasses so you really do get a full pint of beer.

It has gone though a tough few years, and Julia has done really well to hang on this long, but the time has come for her to hand on the mantle. What better way to secure the future of this gem of a pub than for the community to buy it?

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