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All in it together?

From Paul Clarke

Monday, 4 November 2013

It seems after his fuel bill claim Craig Whittaker has an interesting interpretation of 'we're all in it together.'

Sadly he hasn't popped round yet to show me which jumper I should put on to save on my fuel costs (that I pay myself) as per the PM's suggestion.

From Eleanor Land

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It must be wonderful to have your energy bill paid for by someone else. I expect there are pensioners and families sitting in freezing homes who are contributing to Mr Whittaker's £705 energy bill. Politicians who earn way above the average wage should be paying their own heating bill, not sponging off the rest us. Mr Whittaker is by no means the worst offender, Nadhim Zahawi's £5,800 is an utter disgrace, and he is a multi millionaire who can well afford his own bill. We are told to expect 20,000 elderly deaths from cold related illnesses this winter, yet the bunch of hypocrites at Westminster will be living a life of luxury compared to the rest of us.

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