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From Gordon Rimer

Thursday, 7 November 2013

19 years ago today someone murdered our beautiful daughter Lindsay. For some reason I know not why, I believe the life was strangled out of her by a male, a driver & highly likely to live around Hebden.

I often think that person walks past me, or Geri or any member of our family. They can see into our eyes at the never ending pain they caused to us & themselves let alone depriving Lindsay of her life . . . & they walk on.

What also occurs to me is that no person, again, probably a man, can use their hands to strangle the life out of a 13 year old child & not be affected by it . . . so somewhere, there's a lady, a partner, a mother, sister, any close female relative who has seen a dramatic change in a male member of their family.

Over the years, wisdom sets in, more things make more sense . . . allegiances change as do circumstances, if there's any person who has seen such a change in a close member of their family & there are any links with Lindsay's murder . . . please get in touch with the police . . .

I've no idea how it will affect our family but, for sure, it will.

Imagine putting your hands round a young girls neck & squeezing until she passes out & dies . . . & then disposing of her body by weighting it down & throwing it in the canal . . . neither I nor my family have been able to make sense of this . . . but someone out there in Hebden knows more than they're letting on!

From Rosie G

Thursday, 7 November 2013

I totally agree with the last comment. After all this time I'm sure someone out there knows who has done this horrendous thing!

I pass Lindsy's parents in the street's regular and my heart goes out to them. That poor Mum must be in torture every day, someone, somewhere knows who did this. If you have an ounce of moral justice in you, Please, Please come forward and give yourself up!

One day someone must be brought to justice over Lindsay's death! In my heart I still think a close friend of the family, know something about Lindsay's death!

From Mick Piggott

Friday, 8 November 2013

I agree that it is horrible thought, that the killer could still be out there, but if he is, he is hardly likely to come forward and confess now, unless as a deathbed confession.

I don't suppose that this would bring much comfort to anybody, least of all Mrs Rimer, but has anyone considered the possibility that Lindsay's killer is already dead?

He (and presumably it is a 'he') could have died in an accident, or of a terminal disease ...

For anyone inclined to add, 'I hope so!' you are not alone ...

From Rosie Gold

Monday, 11 November 2013

As far as the psychology of the killer goes, it has been proven many times in the past that those who kill have an absence of sensitivity to what they've done and even a sense of power and control at not being discovered.

Forensic science - will out... there'll be a breakthrough one day and the killer will be revealed.

Really, in a small place like Hebden Bridge who could it really be?

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