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Dangerous Dogs

From Ruth F

Friday, 24 March 2017

I've just been attacked by a staffie (I believe called Tess) in the woods between Mytholm and Heptonstall (11.40am Friday morning 24th March). Thankfully I'm unhurt, but the second time Tess came at me threateningly her owner told me to "just ignore her" - and Tess circled behind me, launched herself and grabbed on to my rucksack. If I hadn't been wearing the rucksack that would have been my back or buttocks and I'd be on the way to A&E now. The owner said sorry, but appeared unsurprised.

Don't get me wrong, I love dogs, and often stop to talk to them when I'm out walking locally. But too often in the last few years I've been attacked or seriously threatened by a dog, and the owner has made some irrelevant remark like, he doesn't like people walking with a stick, or she doesn't like people wearing a hat.

Folks, if your dog attacks or threatens people, even if only unusual looking people, you need to keep it under control at all times. I have multiple disabilities and my hat and stick are not fashion choices. But even if they were I shouldn't have to expect folks' dogs to attack me.

Please don't get a dog you can't physically control, and if your dog threatens people then sorry, but it should always be on a lead in public. Remember that if it does harm someone it's more than likely going to be euthanased, so you're not doing it any favours.

From Andrew B

Friday, 31 March 2017

Really sorry to hear about what happened. I think you should report it to the police as the next time the dog does this it might be to a child.

It is only a year or so since a child suffered life changing injuries at the Vintage Car Weekend from a poorly controlled breed like this.

If anyone local knows who the owner might be they should also report them.


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