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Amplified vocals

From Peter Richard Haughton

Thursday, 8 March 2018

The issue of businesses in Hebden Bridge having to suffer amplified busking is easily resolved - if a leaf is taken out of the approach that Leeds Council applies - i.e. the whole gamut of busking performance is encouraged and acceptable... so long (and this, I think, is significant) it does not affect business. 

What Hebden Bridge needs, I think, is a policy which facilitates this 

From George Murphy

Friday, 9 March 2018

Loud, amplified backing tracks and vocals in shared areas affect everyone. This issue should not just be decided by local businesses! The problem is not restricted to Hebden Bridge. At the Pier Head, Liverpool, central squares and thoroughfares in Manchester and in the Cathedral precincts in Lincoln our 'days out' have been impaired in the last year, so I'm guessing it's a national problem.

The rule must surely be that the noise from buskers does not fill our squares and shared spaces. We should be able to move out of ear-shot if we don't enjoy these entertainments. There should be a widely understood etiquette for musical performance in shared spaces. The presumption must be that people should not have loud music inflicted inescapably on them, but can move towards and enjoy music and other entertainment as they choose. 

Therefore, turn off or turn down your amplifiers buskers. Respect the rights of those who might not want to hear you!


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