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Busker in the Square

From Sarah Connor

Saturday, 21 April 2018

I work in an office near the square and am struggling with the volume of this busker - even with all the windows shut.  Is anyone else having issues and does anyone know who I should discuss with? I know this is something that has been discussed before so sorry for repetition, I just couldn't find the thread. 

Update:  I should have said - the Opera singing busker! I have now found the thread and will phone EVH if I have any more problems. 

From Dai Hallgarth

Sunday, 22 April 2018

 I try to both relax and work on the Birchcliffe hillside and for the last 20 years or more have been distracted, annoyed and disturbed by amplified wailing, off-key and discordant noise drifting up from the square.  On investigation today, it turned out to be a quite good soprano accompanied by an orchestral backing track which failed to travel as far as her voice. Actually sounded quieter on the spot, but then her efforts were effectively drowned out by the hubbub of happy visitors some of whom, nevertheless, joyfully applauded at the end of each piece.

If you find a remedy I shall be quite chuffed, but as you see below, HebWeb supplies the 5 previous threads you were unable to find which suggest we are most likely to be disappointed.

As a confessional footnote, several years ago, my family toured, by invitation, dozens of shopping centres and tourist resorts with Hebden Bridge Junior Band.  We occasionally received mixed reactions from shopkeepers and traders, but then, of course, my kids were such accomplished (and non-amplified) performers I found it hard to comprehend!


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