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Platinum jubilee

From Thomas Smith

Thursday, 2 June 2022

Am I the only Hebden Bridge resident to be deeply dismayed by the extent to which "reet royal" jubilee celebrations have infiltrated the town?

They have been promoted, uncritically, on this website and I have seen no commentary, one way or the other on the forum.

Bahngra dancing and curry (no doubt to celebrate the "Jewel in the Crown"), "Using natural materials to create Parade flags and lanterns", "a professionally-made cake in the shape of a 2D Coronation Crown" (with a vegan cake alternative), "wear something purple or dress in 1952 fashions", drumming, jogging, and circus skills. Seriously?

In the name of the heriditary principle, rule by a bloodline at the command of God? A caste sociey? Is this "funky" "hippy" Hebden Bridge? In 2022? Or Aldershot in 1977?

Is this our town at a time at which absolutely everything happening right now requires us to take up our responsibilities as citizens, not subjects raising glasses to... what? It seems that Hebden Bridge tolerates everything apart from disconformity.