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Anti-social quad bike riding

From Andy G

Sunday, 17 July 2022

A regular feature of the town's streets on a Sunday these days is the presence of a large squadron (15-20) of quad bike riders roaring around the place at a considerably higher speed than the maximum permitted, making a deafening noise, emitting horrendous pollution and frightening pedestrians.

These guys - and I assume they are all guys, as most women would not behave so stupidly - wear full balaclava helmets, presumably to avoid identification and make very unpleasant signals to anyone who is bold enough to make any gestures of protest.

Last Sunday evening, I and several others had to suffer their passage past the Nightjar while enjoying a quiet pint with friends, while at lunchtime today they frightened my wife while roaring down Birchcliffe Road at more than double the maximum permitted speed of 20 mph.

Heaven knows what would have happened if they had encountered the 595 bus - which was due at the time - on the sharp bend. Does anyone know who these idiots are and where they come from? I have heard a rumour that they are from the Halifax area and arrive in Hebden via the Height Road and return via the main road, after spending the afternoon roaring around the country lanes above the town.

I believe that anti-social driving is currently a criminal offence, but it must be very difficult to pin down such a large number of individuals. Imagine trying to write down all their registration numbers!