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Linden Mill

From Dorothy A 

Friday, 29 July 2022

When I am in Hebden Bridge (since 2019) except Covid period, I live at 50 Lees Road. I have been so fortunate to have a studio at Linden Mill, a vibrant enclave with other artists.

It pains me to think that this is to be converted to pricy apartments, plus parking. This is a compact neighbourhood with many children and the introduction of such a plan, it seems with approval by some, regardless of protests by artists and neighbours, ignores the character of this neighbourhood. It is fair to say this all about money to be made by the owner of the Mill and the neighborhood protests have fallen on deaf ears. 

I am devoted to the character of this unique village and neighbourhood enclaves. The encouragement of more automobiles and the monoxide produced hang in the Valley, and destroy any "fresh air".

The Mill should be made into an artists' enclave, with live spaces, and appropriate pricing, and gallery for sales of products of the artists.

Please, halt this awful plan.