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Calderdale's First Community-owned Nature Reserve

From  Simon W

Saturday 11 May 2024

I think in light of the neo-liberalist nightmare that is the ownership of Walshaw Moor & the dystopisn Calderdale Windfarm project we've found ourselves in, this kind of initiative is absolutely where things should be headed as we enter into unprecedented climate breakdown.

Taking land away from the few and into the custodianship of the many with the view to nurture and restore it is exactly where we should be taking our fight fir our climate and our own survival. The super rich, themed corporations etc... cannot be trusted to look after the interests of the many.

Most of the North of England and up into Scotland was temperate rainforest centuries ago. We've just lost sight and knowledge of that with centuries of sheep farming, which has degraded the land and led most of it to a point of hysteresis.

There's an opportunity here to do something urgent and practical, which can have a positive impact on our environment, both locally and beyond.

I've donated. They only have 7 days remaining to meet their target to be in with a chance of bidding and buying.

Please consider donation and spread this far and wide urgently.

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