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Acre Mill

From Shaheen Mosquera

Tuesday 14 May 2024

I am a solicitor at Fieldfisher and I am acting for a lady who has been diagnosed with an asbestos disease, mesothelioma.  Her father worked at Cape's Acre Mill site from about 1959-1964 in the waste disposal department and as a child my client attended the Old Town Primary School from 1959/60 for about 2 years.

I came across your website and I was wondering if you could assist in terms of putting me in touch with locals who can give evidence of the working conditions in the factory and how the dust that escaped from the factory, contaminated the surrounding areas including the Old Town Primary School.  My client has advised that there was a large extractor fan which was fitted to an outside wall of the Cape factory and it faced the road that is now known as Billy Lane.  From my research, it would appear that asbestos dust emitted from this extractor fan and local children were exposed to the dust because it was a hang out area and they often huddled up under the extractor to keep warm.

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