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Pavement party

From Kevin S

Monday 20 May 2024

It seems to me that we have huge pavement / road extensions to our many pubs and eateries in Hebden. 

To be fair, most don't even have outside spaces but seem to think it's OK for their customers to stand outside spilling onto the main roads.

They do not seem to care that passers by cannot even use the footpaths and have to walk in the road with prams, families, dogs etc, rather than trying to push past revellers with drinks to avoid any confrontation. 

I have no problem at all with the amount of drinkers that are descending on the weekends to the town and hope they have a great time, but I do find it intimidating when I cannot walk around and have to keep stepping in the roads and nearly get run over .

From Glenda Webster

Monday 27 May 2024

I agree with you Kevin, I'm delighted that our Town attracts so many visitors keeping it vibrant and stimulating the local economy. However pavement obstruction is a problem - I recall one of our local councillors raising this as an issue before so I'll drop her a line.....