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Interviews with General Election candidates

Monday, 26 April 2010

Jason Elliott has invited the four main candidates of the General Election to be interviewed by him. So far three have responded, and you can listen to them below. Here are the first sections of each interview, in alphabetical order.

See all 4 parts of the interview

Hilary Myers talks about her 100 mile march to Greenham Common in the 80s, her opposition to the Iraq war and her ambiition to have a debating chamber in the round. She would only tax people when they earn more than £10,000. She would break up the banks, and put 10% on their profits as payback to the taxpayer.

See all 4 parts of the interview

It was the invasion of Iraq which led Kate Sweeny to join the Green Party in March 2003. The rich should pay their fair share of taxes. The Green Party would tax those who earn over £100,000 50%. The UK has 150 Green Party councillors and 2 MEPs. Most countries in Europe use PR; so should Britain.

See all 4 parts of the interview

Craig Whittaker tells how his father was a left wing union man. He would tax the banks. Craig is not keen on windpower locally but would make use of our water power. He is not in favour of joining the Euro but in favour of staying in Europe, but doesn’t want more powers being transferred to Brussels. In 1997, the UK had the best economy but the current Government squandered our resources.

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