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Brown's site: Planners recommend refusal of Supermarket and Hotel plans

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Planning officers are recommending refusal of the latest plans for the development of Brown's site. Councillors will make the final decision at their meeting of 4th December.

The reason for their refusal is largely on retaill grounds:

"The site is a substantial distance from the primary and secondary shopping frontage of Hebden Bridge and, given the scale of the proposals, it is considered that the development is likely to function as a freestanding retail destination, with limited linked trips to the town centre. Criterion Ai) of the Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan Policy S2, Criteria for Assessing Retail Developments, requires that retail proposals relate to the role, scale and character of the centre and the catchment the development is proposed to serve, and criterion Biii) requires that there will be no serious effect (either on its own or cumulatively with other similar permissions) upon the vitality and viability of any nearby town centre as a whole. Whilst the proposal would deliver a supermarket that would improve choice, competition and the quality of the convenience retail offer of Hebden Bridge, insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that the application would have an acceptable impact on the vitality and viability of Hebden Bridge Town Centre. In the absence of sufficient information to demonstrate that it would have an acceptable impact, it is considered that the application is contrary to Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan Policy S2 and guidance contained within Section 2, Ensuring the vitality of town centres, of the National Planning Policy Framework."

See Planners' report in full

The proposal is not considered to be acceptable. The recommendation to refuse planning permission has been made because the development is not in accordance with policies S2, NE15, NE16, NE18 and EP28 in the Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan, or Sections 2 and 11 of the National Planning Policy Framework, nor have there been any material considerations to indicate that an exception should be made in this case.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Would a new supermarket and new hotel welcome more visitors to Hebden Bridge?

Perhaps you think it would? Maybe you disagree? Friends of Mytholm invite local residents to:

Buffet Lunch & Discussion
Stubbing Wharf pub upstairs
wheelchair and pram access from tow path
12 noon, Sunday 14th October 2012

Over lunch (no charge, donations) we'll look at the planning application. Then we'll visit the site across the road and share our thoughts. This site, opposite the turning circle, is a preserved area for a floodplain. And a designated wildlife corridor plus a protected species and trees area. It's also an air quality and sound management area. Despite all this, it may eventually be agreed as a small development area. In 2007, planning permission was granted for 58 residences and 2,500 sq metres for commercial use. Following expiry of this permission, the owners reapplied. Their application was refused because legal changes mean that it is no longer possible to build housing on a designated floodplain.

The owners are currently applying for planning permission to build
supermarket with 11,000 sq ft retail floor space - larger than the Co-op
50 bedroom hotel, parking for 171 vehicles, including 11 disabled spaces.

What do we, as residents of Hebden Bridge and in particular of Mytholm, want for this site? What would be the impact on residents, workers and local small traders? According to a Friends of the Earth analysis, 50% of small business' income returns to the local economy; only 5% of supermarket income is spent locally.

Discussion will be Chaired by Town Planner, Christopher Standish. Members of local businesses; residents of Mytholm Meadows sheltered accommodation; teachers and parents of children who attend the local primary school; are all invited. to join us. We have also invited urban analyst Dr Lindsay Smales, who led a discussion day with Hebden Bridge Town Partnership on the development needs of Hebden Bridge; and the Secretary of Calderdale Disability Partnership who recently conducted a review of wheelchair access in Hebden Bridge, with disappointing results. The proposed supermarket would have 6 parking spaces for disabled shoppers; the hotel 3 disabled parking bays. There may also be parking designated for the primary school.

We hope you will come. We need the views of local people, particularly Mytholm residents. Would you love to be able to pop round the corner to do your shopping, not have to go into Hebden? Are you afraid of being kept awake at night by vibrant neon signs, and delivery trucks? We hope to discuss all these issues fully, in detail.

Do you need a lift? Phone Susan on 01422-844718


Issues for discussion

What does the site look like?
Where is the culvert ?
Is it south facing ?
What immediately surrounds it – housing etc ?·
What were the former uses of the site?
What is there at the moment ?
What you feel about the uses that are proposed ?
What about the proposed times of operation ?·
What do you think about the layout?
How does the proposal address the main road ?
How does it address the adjacent uses ?
What about the spaces proposed by the development ?·
What do you think about the design?
What about the height of the buildings ?
What about the massing ?
What about density / lack of it ?
What about the materials ?
What about the design treatment of the edges of the proposal ?·
What does the proposal suggest for highways & transportation?
How will vehicles access the site ?
How are sustainable transport modes dealt with ?·
Will there be any impacts on the local economy/local businesses - positive and negative?·
How well connected will the site be once the development is completed?
Will it be private and so have to walk 'round it ?
Can people walk though it – like the rest of the town centre ? ·
Is the site affected by flooding?
What do you think about the mitigation methods proposed ?·
Are there any environmental/biodiversity impacts - positive or negative? ·
What are the financial assumptions under-pinning the proposal?
What are the 'abnormal' costs associated with the land ?
What is land worth as it is at present ?
How much will is cost to build?
What do the % profit need to be from the scheme ? ·
Friends of the Earth tell us that less than 10% of supermarket profit goes back into the local economy. 50% of local trader's income is spent locally.
What are the community benefits that can be expected/asked for?
What will the Council expect in terms of developers' contributions (s106 contributions) ?
What conditions would people like to see in any decision notice from the planners ?



12 noon Introduction

Review of Planning Proposals:
was refused.

Previous: for housing estate contested by local residents, resulting in permission being granted for mixed use development of 2500 sq metres commercial office floorspace and the residential development of 58 units (April 2006). However, construction did not commencde and when planning permission expired, the new revised application, submitted 2011

Current application: supermarket and hotel See: copy applications on each table and on wall for to attach comments on post-its.

Issues for discussion: Environmental / biodiversity; Context - physical and planning policy; Uses - former, existing and proposed; Layout - orientation / context; Design - density / massing / materials; Highways & transportation; Business impacts - positive and negative; Connectivity - the ease with which pedestrians can access and move through the site; Flooding; Financial Viability; Community benefits/s106 contributions

1.30 pm Walk to and look at site, assess site.
Where will the supermarket be in relation to the sheltered accommodation, the school, etc? Where will delivery trucks park? Where will the mini-roundabout move to? How will huge delivery trucks be able to turn round the mini-roundabout? Will there be a zebra crossing? Where? Will the pavement on the river side of the road be widened so that it can be walked along? Would the bus stop move? If so would people from sheltered accommodation still have good access? What will happen to the caravan that sells hot-dogs and burgers? Would the new car park for the school affect access for people living in the sheltered accommodation?

2.30 pm Stubbing Wharf: Presentations (to be confirmed), questions, discussion
Business Association
Resident of Sheltered Accommodation
School: teacher/parent
Calderdale Disability Partnership
Dr Lindsay Smales, urban analyst
Mel McGeoche, Rural Action Yorkshire

4pm Christopher Standish, Town Planner, review and summary.

Please send your comments and questions to:
Calderdale MBC, Planning Services, Northgate House, Halifax HX1 1UN, 01422-392237, town.planning@calderdale.gov.uk
ref: 12/1003/FUL Construction of retail store, five storey hotel and hydro electric power station.

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