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Naked Rambler latest

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halifax Courier reports Stephen Gough wasreleased on bail this lunchtime, pending further inquiries.

"On his release, he walked out of the police station naked.

He was then spotted walking through Halifax town centre early this afternoon before being stopped by police on Bull Green at around 2pm.

He was arrested again, this time on suspicion of a public order act."

The Scotsman reports, 'A spokesman for West Yorkshire police said: "A man was arrested walking naked in Hebden Bridge on suspicion of causing a breach of the peace shortly after midday. He is being held at Hedben Bridge police station." ' (Thursday, 25 October 2012)

The Scottish Sun report that police were amused. "The officer was laughing when he said they’d received a 999 call." (Thursday, 25 October 2012)

See HebWeb Forum thread: "I suggest that a fitting gesture would be for a few hundred people get naked on and around the Old Bridge, have a photo taken and pass it to the national press."

Another Twitter picture, Naked Rambler talking to police in Bridge Gate. And now another

Mail online - (Thursday, 25 October 2012)

Guardian Northerner uses HebWeb coverage of the Naked Rambler. Northern correspondent of the Guardian, Martin Wainwright writes, "Witness current comments on the community website, the Hebweb, which is one of the best of its kind in the country.   No, world." (25 Oct)

Naked Rambler arrested in Hebden Bridge

24 October 2012

We don't know many details yet but we have just been contacted by the spokesman for Stephen Gough, George Cavanagh who has told the HebWeb that Stephen Gough has been arrested in Hebden Bridge, following complaints to the police.

We understand that Stephen's routine is to continue from where he was last stopped when he is next free to do so.

The Book Case tweeted that he was walking into Hebden Bridge from Keighley Road and "They can't arrest the naked rambler in Hebden Bridge!". Another tweet read, "There's a naked man walking around Hebden. Why does this not surprise me?"

This picture was posted on Twitter

Naked Rambler approaches Hebden Bridge

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Naked Rambler, Stephen Gough is heading south on the Pennine Way today and should be passing to the west of Hebden Bridge this afternoon.

Stephen Gough

It is understood that he may drop into the town centre near the old pack horse bridge. Spokesman for Stephen Gough, George Cavanagh told the HebWeb that he is travelling without a map and it would be much appreciated if someone from the town was able to meet and greet him and point him in the right direction south.

Stephen Gough has spent much of the last six years in prison in Scotland after making it his mission to walk from Land's End to John O'Groats wearing nothing but hiking boots and a rucksack.

The BBC reported earlier this month, "Stephen Gough has 18 convictions and has been in prison almost without a break since May 2006," for refusing to put on clothes.

"In England, Gough had run-ins with the police, but the attitude in Scotland has consistently been tougher with police and courts mostly agreeing that being naked in public is fundamentally a breach of the peace.

"Gough's attitude has also hardened, with the rambler refusing to wear clothes in court or after being arrested, leading to contempt of court convictions."


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