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Twin Town St Pol's British Unknown Soldier

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Not everyone knows that the British Unknown Soldier lying beneath Marble Arch was transported there from St Pol-en-Ternoise in November 1920.

Postponed from 2020, on the evening of Saturday 6th November 2021, the centenary of this event was commemorated in St Pol. Representatives from Hebden Royd Town Council and the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society were invited to the event. Sadly, the logistics of getting there for the evening during Covid were too challenging for us to attend.

However, many heart-warming pictures of the event were sent to us by our friends in St Pol.

One of the high points of the evening was the playing of the pipe band at the event. The procession was torch lit and to keep the memory of the event alive exhibitions are currently taking place in the Danvin Museum in St Pol – and in the square in Warstein, the twin town in Germany of St Pol and Hebden Royd. More information of the event is available on the Facebook page of the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society.

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