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Calder Valley Voices choir sing 'Who Made the NHS sick?'

Monday, 9 January 2023

Choir singing support for striking nurses goes viral. Within 12 hours of being uploaded on Facebook it had been viewed 2000 times.

Calder Valley's excellent choir Calder Valley Voices choir, demonstrated their support for staff struggling to hold the NHS together.

They decided they wanted to record a song, 'Who made the NHS Sick?' with lyrics written by Hazel Draper.

Ali Miles, a retired nurse knew of the song and asked Hazel to update it in the light of the current action being taken by the Royal College of Nurses.

Ali said, "I am heartbroken at the state this government have left the NHS in. Everyone I know feels the same. We fear for anyone needing urgent care. I felt that making this video and sharing it widely would help make the government aware how much concern there was for the NHS and support for striking nurses and other staff."

Hazel Draper who wrote the song said, "I am proud of the song and so pleased that it is being used to highlight the struggle of nurses to rebuild the NHS after a long period on neglect."

Who Made the NHS Sick - YouTube

Who Made the NHS Sick - version with subtitles of lyrics.

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