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High Hirst Woodmeadow Moth Survey

Thursday, 6 July 2023

At the first-ever moth survey conducted on July 1 at  HighHirst Woodmeadow, Hebden Royd Town Council's biodiversity hotspot, a total of 77 moth species were recorded. The diversity of vegetation in the area and its immediate surroundings is reflected in the presence of grassland, woodland, and heathland moths, as well as some habitat generalists.

The survey yielded some noteworthy findings, including several rare species such as the Beautiful Snout, Beautiful Hook-tip, Large Emerald, Sycamore, and Blackneck. In addition, the recorders discovered leaf mines of the Striped Leaf-cutter on the birch trees.

It is important to note that the list of moths found, available here, is likely just the beginning. Keep an eye out for future surveys, as more fascinating discoveries are expected in the near future!