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Calderdale Council Elections 2024

updated Friday 3 May 2024

See results below

Before the 2024 elections, Labour had 28 seats on Calderdale Council, Conservatives 15, Liberal Democrats 6 and the Greens 2 seats.

There are 51 councillors who run Calderdale Council. Calderdale is divided into 17 wards which each return three councillors. Three years out of four, we have the chance to elect one councillor. Councillors are elected to serve on the Council for a term of 4 years. Hebden Bridge is in the Calder Ward, and Mytholmroyd is in the Luddendenfoot ward.

2024 Results

Calderdale remains a Labour controlled council, with Labour increasing its majority. The Greens now have 3 councillors and in Park Ward in Halifax, Shakir Saghir won a seat for the Workers Party, Labour losing this seat due to its stance on Gaza.

Tracy Brabin has been re-elected Mayor of West Yorkshire receiving over 50% of the votes cast.

Candidates for the Calder Ward (covering Hebden Bridge)

Josh Fenton-Glynn - Labour - 3008 votes elected

Christopher Lee - Conservative - 574 votes

Mark Stanley - Green - 638 votes

Chris Wadsworth - Liberal Democrats - 222 votes

Turnout: 48.6%

Candidates for the Luddendenfoot Ward (covering Mytholmroyd)

Christine Bampton-Smith - Liberal Democrats - 307 votes

Jane Scullion - Labour - 1862 votes - elected

Jill Smith-Moorhouse - Conservative - 731 votes

Kate Sweeny - Green - 295 votes

Turnout: 40.5%

Candidates for the Todmorden Ward

Kye Abdul - Liberal Democrat - 160 votes

Brian Carter - Conservative - 525 votes

Diana Tremayne - Labour - 1919 votes elected

Kieran Turner - Green - 495 votes

Turnout: 35.1%

Candidates for the West Yorkshire Mayor

  • Tracy Brabin - Labour and Co-operative Party  - 275430 - elected
  • Bob Buxton - Yorkshire Party - 47937 votes
  • Andrew Cooper - Green Party  - 66648 votes
  • Arnold Craven - Conservative Party - 82757 votes
  • Stewart Golton - Liberal Democrats - 27501 votes
  • Jonathan Tilt - Independent - 46443 votes
  • Turnout: 32.7%

Tracy Brabin is the current mayor, having been elected in 2021 when she became the first-ever West Yorkshire mayor.

As with previous years, the HebWeb invited candidates to send up to 500 words and photo - see this page from a previous election.
Email the HebWeb

The election this year is on Thursday, 2 May (photo ID now needed) and voter registration must before next Tuesday, 16 April. (See HebWeb News)

Christopher Lee, Conservative candidate for Calder ward

Christopher has lived around Hebden Bridge for nearly fifty years, albeit with time away studying and working in Newcastle and London.  He has run his own business, which is based in Yorkshire, but operates throughout the UK since 1999. He lives just outside Hebden with his wife and son in a house that will never be finished, together with two Springer Spaniels and two rescue cats.

Frustrated with politicians who are more focused on their careers than representing the people they are voted to represent; he was empowered to put himself forward and stand in his hometown.
Christopher has a joined-up plan for Calder Ward, to deliver on your priorities: 

Work together
We're all fed-up of playground politics and bickering. We are not all going to agree so we need to disagree agreeably to positively help our community and achieve progress.
Improve congestion
Speaking to local businesses and residents, the main complaint I receive is parking. Lack of proactive planning has led to poor roads and heavy congestion which doesn't support those in our rural areas.
Think locally, act nationally

My family have lived around Hebden Bridge for four generations. I understand what has shaped us and can represent you; we all want the best for our local community and that means having a clear understanding of the national Government picture. On the doorstep, the people of Calder are concerned about the NHS social care and lack of access and quality provision. The Government is committed to investing a record £164.9 billion of taxpayer's money in the NHS over the next 12 months and yet some of the facilities we have, such as the fantastic health centre in Todmorden which has never been used to its full capability, and I want to understand why, so as to improve services for all.
Challenge spending
I'm concerned about how our Council Tax is being spent by our Labour Council. Simple things like getting the bins emptied and road drains cleared so that surface water is managed – neglecting this simple task means more potholes and further damage to our roads. The Labour Council need to justify this approach as the long-term cost and impact is greater for everyone.
Bring fresh ideas
I am not a career politician. I want to see a change in the way we are represented - so instead of moaning, I will take action.
Be a strong voice
The residents of Calder and Hebden Bridge need a fresh constructive voice who is committed to our area.

If you live in Hebden Bridge, Fairfield, Birchcliffe, Erringden, Stoodley, Kilnhurst, Castle Hill, Shaw Wood, Blackshaw, Colden, Nursery Nook, Heptonstall or Wadsworth, on Thursday 2nd May, please use your vote to help deliver an even better Calder.