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Dog walkers

From Lily Starr

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

I would like to draw the attention of those who pay individuals to walk their dogs for them, that the service they are paying for is not necessarily as good as they are led to believe.

On 2 occasions I have happened across a couple holding between 10 - 12 dogs, on leads, between them. The dogs are clearly unhappy, pulling at the leads, distressed and overly excited (not in a good way).  Some of the dogs appearing to be intimidated by others in the pack.

I have then watched as the man and woman put the dogs into the back of a van.  There does not appear to be any facility within the van to stop the dogs slipping and sliding into each other as the vehicle is driven away.  

Each time I have seen this I have felt physically sick at the thought of what those dogs are going through, and this has been compounded by the knowledge that the owners of the dogs probably think their loved pet is being well treated when the evidence I have seen clearly shows otherwise.  I have contacted the RSPCA.

From Janet Moore

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Last year I came across a couple with about 12 dogs on leads.  The dogs were pulling and looked agitated and unhappy.  I was so concerned that I filmed them on my 'phone.  When the man saw that I was filming them he shouted abuse at me and I felt scared enough to stop.  This was on the moor near Gaddings dam by Stoodley Pike.  I then watched them scurry down the hill to a van parked opposite The Shepherds Rest pub.  The dogs were shoved in the van and they drove away at quite a speed.

 I realised that these must be 'professional' dog walkers and I have mentioned it to many friends in the area who tell me it is common knowledge that when that van is parked up, it is unwise to walk in the area.  

When is dog walking going to be a regulated enterprise?!  

From Julie C

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Don't tar all dog walkers with the same brush. My dog is walked 4 days a week by someone who she adores. If she is in the back of the van she is securely clipped in, if she rides up front she has a harness to clip her to the seat belt anchor. My dog walker is also a trained dog behaviourist. She takes a maximum of 4 dogs, and doesn't take on aggressive /antisocial hounds. Without my dog walker I would be forced to rehome my beloved companion, who for health reasons that developed after I got her, I would no longer be able to exercise sufficiently otherwise.

From Andy M

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Too many dogs in general?

(And I speak as an owner of one) 

From David Tut

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

If you need dog walkers why have a dog ? If you can't do it for whatever reason then I suggest you get a tortoise!

From Andy M

Friday, 17 November 2017

Tortoise walkers...now there's a business opportunity! ;-) 

From Allen Keep

Friday, 17 November 2017

I imagine you are just joking David but Tortoise selling is now almost universally illegal for very good protectionist reasons. 

Many dog owners really love their animals, care for them and get a great deal from them despite temporarily or for a longer term being unable to walk them. Often this is because of unforeseen changes in life and family circumstances or people become ill or immobile. People who have cars still take taxis or use public transport don't they?

Dog walkers provide a really helpful service - the dogs love it, their owners are happy and the dog walkers make a living. A win-win situation. No doubt there are less than professional walkers out there with lower standards than we might expect - but isn't that true of every profession? 

From David Tut

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Of course my remark about have a tortoise was meant in a bit of fun and i understand that for some people having to have dog walkers, especially due to ill health is their only option, but i think that there are many who find this an easy option and i just don't understand why they have a dog in the first place. Well if they have the money then that's their choice. Lets not forget at this time of year that a dog is for life.

From Pam P

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

I am a professional dog walker and have read all your comments with an open mind. As a dog walker myself and my business partner, we see this kind of thing and more far too often. The sad thing is, should we bring it to light then it's "us" that's seen as a bitter business rival.I am aware of the dog walker in question and you would not believe who they are and their connections. A very sad tail indeed!


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