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Election Candidates' biographies and photos

Updated Monday, 11 April 2011


As we have done in previous years, the HebWeb has issues an open invite to candidates to send their biogs and photos to us to help electors make a decision about who they want to represent them.

CALDERDALE: Election of one candidate to be a member of Calderdale Council. Three years out of four we elect one of the three councillors who represent us on Calderdale Council

Dave Young

Labour Party candidate standing in the Calder ward for Calderdale Council.

Dave Young

I have a wealth of experience in local government having served as a District councillor for nine years also and in charge of a £6m budget for recreation and leisure.

I moved to Calderdale in 1995 and was elected to Hebden Royd Town Council in 2003 where I am Leader of the Labour Group.

I have worked hard to improve services and help fund local campaigns and initiatives, including new play facilities, and the appointment of England's first Environmental Community Warden. I am the only councillor with a 100 per cent attendance record.

I have been a Labour Party member for 42 years and if elected I will fight to save our public services from the relentless attacks of Cameron and Clegg.

The economic situation we are facing thanks to the policies of this ConDem Government is one of real hardship and anxiety as thousands of jobs disappear and major cuts to frontline services are implemented right across the board.

This election is an opportunity to send a message that ConDem cuts are damaging our community and our economy.

It is also time to an elect a Labour councillor for Calder who will fight to protect our jobs and services.

Alan McDonaldAlan McDonald

Green Party candidate standing for Calderdale Council

Alan McDonald is a writer and teacher, and active in many local groups, including Calder Food Hub, Incredible Edible Todmorden and Hebden Bridge Transition Town. He lives in the Todmorden part of Calder Ward and is standing for the Green Party.

He says, 'Calderdale badly needs a Green voice. Locally we need a long-term plan to build a sustainable economy, on the foundations of the many green initiatives in the Calder Valley. Greens stand for a positive alternative. Nationally our leader Caroline Lucas is at the forefront of the campaign against cuts, and in favour of fairer taxes. We want investment in green jobs like renewable energy and local food. And remember, in the tragic aftermath of events in Japan: we are adamantly opposed to nuclear power.

Stephen CurryStephen Curry

Independent candidate standing for Calderdale Council

I came to Hebden Bridge with Christine from Huddersfield in 2000 to establish Angeldale Guest House. Most of my early life was spent in Bedfordshire where I was active as a youth leader. In that role I was a representative on the Trades Council, Area Youth Club Management committee and the Parish Council. I was also involved in town twining. As a mature student I studied Politics, Economics and Industrial Relations at the Catholic Workers College in Oxford, where I was elected President of the Students Union. I have also served as a Union Representative. In recent years I was Chair of the Tourism Action Group for the Upper Calder Valley.

I have previously worked in Retail, Auto manufacturing and as a postal worker. I have been self-employed as a Management Consultant (Industrial relations) and ran my own security products business for six years.

So, as the above biog shows I don't exactly come green to the possibility of civic duties. I have been less visibly active in my time here in Calderdale, mainly because running and maintaining a B&B, large house and gardens is pretty time consuming. Those who know me personally, know that 'behind the scenes' I have actually been tenacious in challenging council officials over such issues as parking, planning enforcement and tourism policy. I have not been afraid of using the Freedom of Information Act to get answers from officers that would otherwise not have been forthcoming. After 11 years 'full on' in the hospitality trade we are learning to make it more of a lifestyle business and do other things. So in a way, if elected I will be returning to my home territory of the business of Representation. I'm standing for the Calder Ward seat because I believe it is a diverse mix of people and issues and I feel I have a matched diverse background which allows me to identify with most interest groups. I believe local representation should be more about local people than political dogma. That's why I'm an Independent Candidate.

I've a Campaign Website and you can follow me on Twitter too!


Hywel MorganHywel Morgan

Liberal Democrat candidate standing for Calderdale Council.

Hywel has lived in the area for over 10 years. He is a keen cricketer and has captained teams at both Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd Cricket Clubs in recent years.

As a political campaigner he was responsible for developing Lib Dem strategies to combat the BNP and played a major role in helping beat back the BNP in Burnley, Oldham and here in Calderdale.

He recently graduated with a first class degree in Law and currently works in the legal field while attempting to qualify as a Barrister.

HEBDEN ROYD TOWN COUNCIL: Election of 18 members of Hebden Royd Town Council from 30 candidates.

Belinda JonesBelinda Jones

Standing as an Independent candidate for Caldene Ward of Hebden Royd Council.

Hi, I'm Belinda Jones, I'm 27 and have lived in Hebden Royd all my life, and in the Caldene Ward for the past 12 years. I attended local schools, before going on to study at The University of Liverpool. I now work for the Lifeline project which provide drug and alcohol services, I am also heavily involved in fundraising for such charities.

I have decided to stand for election, because as a younger member of the community I feel that the younger generation within our community need to be better represented within the town council.

I work with young people in the upper valley and am aware of what is important to them. If I were elected I would like to encourage more of them to become involved and have a say in the things that affect them.
I feel it's important to maintain a good balance between our longer standing residents and those who are newer to the area. There are occasionally misunderstandings and perceived differences, particularly with some of the more active members of our community, so hopefully by being another "voice from the valley", I can help create a more harmonious blend on our local council. We do all want our best for the town after all.

I am very pro-active and already involved in the local community matters in a voluntary capacity. Currently I am the young persons' representative on the Hebden Bridge Partnership committee; I'm the secretary of the Friends of the Park committee, and sit on the Hebden Royd Town Council's young people's working party panel. Through this voluntary work I have gained lots of experience of local initiatives and matters. It is a regular cliché that young people are our future, but the real truth is that they are their own future. It is our job to help them reach their full potential.

Wesley Downs

Wesley DownsStanding as the Labour candidate for West End Ward of Hebden Royd Council.

I was brought up in Hebden Bridge, attended Central Street then Riverside and Calder High School. I am now finishing a law degree at Leeds Metropolitan University.

I play an active and positive role within the town and grew up with Calder Valley Youth Theatre, taking part in many other local groups such as the Little Theatre and Woodcraft Folk and initiating a volunteering scheme for youngsters.

At school I was president of the debating society and helped in volunteering events, including mentoring younger lads and now I want to help Hebden Royd through the medium of the town council.

As a local I can add a lot to the council and use my experience of local issues to assist the people of Hebden Royd and make their voices heard in local government.

Steve Sweeney

Steve Sweeney Standing as the Labour candidate for Birchcliffe Ward of Hebden Royd Council.

I have lived in the Calder Valley for 25 years and have three children who all attended local state schools.

For 35 years I was a Youth and Community Worker employed by both the voluntary sector and Local Authorities and was a UNISON shop steward for 10 years.

I was made redundant last year as part of the cuts, and started taking a more active role in local affairs.

I believe my experience with community and youth groups will be helpful to the Town Council and I am keen to ensure that the voice of the community, and that of young people in particular, is heard. I believe that this is a crucial time for the Town Council and that we need a strong and active Labour team to do what we can to alleviate the problems caused by the politically motivated ConDem cuts.

Emma Tsoneva

Emma TsevonaStanding as the Labour candidate for Birchcliffe Ward of Hebden Royd Council.

As a Labour candidate for Birchcliffe ward I am fully committed to my party's core values of equality of opportunity.

As a mum, I believe I have a particular responsibility to look ahead and to promote the well-being of my community. If I am elected to Hebden Royd Town Council, I will act through listening and responding, staying true to my principles and putting the needs of local people first. I will work to support initiatives that really mean something to me: ensuring a secure and safe future for Calder Holmes Park; channelling community grants to those with the greatest need; and preserving local transport services.
I would welcome the opportunity to join longer-serving Labour colleagues on the Council, helping them to continue the excellent work of the local party in recent years. Please support me and the future of Hebden Royd by voting Labour on 5th May.

Richard Scorer

Richard Scorer Standing as the Labour candidate for Fairfield Ward of Hebden Royd Council.

I have lived in Fairfield since 1999 and my children attend Calder High School. I work in Manchester and serve as a trustee of the charity the Lifeline Project, which provides drug and alcohol treatment services in Calderdale.

I am totally committed to fighting for the public services, which we all rely, on, and against the ConDem cuts, which threaten to destroy our jobs and services.

This election is an opportunity to send out the message that ConDem cuts are damaging our community and our economy. Let's elect Labour councillors who will fight to protect our jobs and services.

Susan Press

Labour Party candidate standing in the Fairfield ward of Hebden Royd Town Council.

Susan Press

I was elected to Hebden Royd Town Council in 2003 and served as Town Mayor in 2008/9 when I visited schools and community groups and raised £4000 for the Overgate Hospice.

I have lived in Fairfield since 1996 and proud to be part of a Labour team opposing cuts and supporting projects including the skateboard park extension and better play facilities. Recent Labour campaigns include opposing plans for a pay and display car park on Stubbing Holme and supporting residents fighting for the future of Hebden Bridge Picture House.

In hard times, our aim will be to prioritise grant funding for the low-incomed, elderly and young people in Hebden Royd.

We've backed a wide range of groups including Dodnaze Community Association, Steepfields Allotment Society and our Junior and Senior Bands. Despite the ConDems, we will continue to offer a socialist alternative.

James Fearon

James FearonLabour Party candidate standing in the West End ward of Hebden Royd Town Council.

I have lived in Hebden Bridge with my partner Melanie and our son Ennis since 2002. I am a practising artist,

In Hebden Bridge It is vitally important that resources in combating local unemployment and support for the recovery of our youth's welfare and future are increased.

Government cuts only further victimise the vulnerable without providing solutions. The constructive work that goes on at Salem Mill and elsewhere in the town needs to be supported.

I see the canal in Hebden Bridge as an area of underdevelopment and potential. It needs properly dredging with reed beds for fish to prosper and boats to travel safely.

.I have successfully campaigned against the plague of rat runs emerging as an alternative route to the A646 and would like to do more for our community.

It would be an honour and privilege to represent the people of West End.as a Labour candidate

Dave YoungDave Young

Standing as the Labour candidate for Birchcliffe Ward of Hebden Royd Council.

I was elected to Hebden Royd Town Council in 2003 and am Leader of the Labour Group and Chair of the Environmental Renaissance and Staffing Committees.

Over the past eight years my council attendance has been 100 per cent. Labour councillors have done their best to support the local community, We vote to fund local groups and initiatives which need our support like the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, Dodnaze Community Association and Steepfields Allotment Society. We oppose planning applications, which would spoil the unique character of our town.

I am Vice-Chair of Calder Branch Labour Party and a member of the Trades Club. I hope you will vote Labour on 5th May so our hard work can continue as I want an effective Town Council that works for the people of Hebden Royd.

Lesley JonesLesley Jones

Independent standing in Fairfield Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I have served as a Town Councillor for the last 4 years and have honestly enjoyed every minute of it.  I have lived in Hebden Bridge for most of my life, and most of this within the Fairfield Ward, which I currently represent.  Fairfield is a very large area split over two hillsides, and I have lived in both of these areas.  I feel very confident therefore in my local knowledge and ask for your support in re-electing me so that I can continue the work I have been doing. 

I have always been a very active member of the community with periods as Secretary of the Nursery Action Group and later as a parent Governor at Stubbings School.  Both our now grown up children were of course born here and attended Stubbings, Riverside and Calder High schools. 
Since being elected in 2007, I have been working hard in many areas of council.  I sit on a number of committees, both internal and external to the council, and have a fierce reputation as a councillor who not only attends meetings whenever these are scheduled but also, much more importantly, works hard to carry out the practical work that is the output of those committees. 

I am involved with a number of local community organisations and also sit on Calderdale MBC Standards Committee.  I regularly attend local Calderdale Ward Forum meetings and the local Police and Community Together meetings, often flagging up at both these Forums, concerns that have been passed to me by local residents.

One key area of my work that I want to continue has been to encourage our young people to become involved in matters that affect them.  I chair the town council Young People's Working Party and in partnership with Calderdale Young Peoples Service and other outside agencies, a lot of work has been done to try to counter the often negative perception there is around young people in general.  It has been lovely to see the youngsters of Hebden Royd become more engaged with the grown up world over the last couple of years since the setting up of this working party - they helped to raise the money needed for extension of the much loved but sadly out of date and inadequate skatepark and were a driving force behind the conception and organisation of last year's Fair for Youth, an event which is shortly to be repeated. 

Another key area that interests me is Ward work- responding to residents and working with them to try to resolve any issues or concerns.  It is the best way to get to know what the electors of your Ward really want, rather than you telling them what they need! So far,  I have achieved a varied group of results - resurfacing of a footpath, provision of a handrail, repair of steps, provision of additional grit bins to name but a few. 

In summary, if re-elected, I would be pleased to continue the work I have been doing over the last 4 years:- working to resolve individual concerns of residents, working with our young people and the agencies that represent them, working in partnership with other community groups and initiatives and continuing to represent residents in whatever way I can to ensure that the best interests of our community is served.

Jonathan TimbersJonathan Timbers

Labour standing in West End Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I have lived in West End ward in Hebden Bridge for 20 years: firstly, on Regent Street and now on the Eaves estate with my wife, Aeisha, and three year old daughter, Sophie. I believe that town councillors are elected community workers, who should know their communities, and work to improve life for everyone they represent.

I don't think that party politics should play a very important role on the town council. Values and approaches are much more important, but Labour's core values (advancing equality, speaking up for those who are often ignored and struggling for social and economic democracy) are nearest to my own. I also believe that the single biggest threat to families in Hebden Bridge are the destructive and unneccessary economic policies of the Conservative/ Liberal Democrat government. Hence my decision to stand for Labour.

There are a number of things I care about very much, which are likely to influence my decision making:

  • I am very committed to public transport
  • I want to see the town, its opportunities and services become more accessible for disabled people
  • I think that funding decisions tend to overlook the interests of young women and girls
  • I am very concerned about violence against women and girls (VAWG), and the rising tide of sexism in society which is working against the interests of both men and women
  • I am deeply worried about the growth of the English Defence League
  • I am opposed to yet more selection in education, to free schools, and to anything which further undermines community cohesion and good relations

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you vote for me.

Mary YoungMary Young

Liberal Democrat standing in Fairfield Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I am a pensioner, and have lived in Hebden Bridge for much of my life. I believe that services for the elderly should be greatly improved.

I am concerned about threats to lifelines for the elderly. While it is relatively easy to get around Hebden Bridge, public transport for our more isolated communities is poor. I would like to see greater co-ordination of buses and trains as well as the extension of the Hebden Bridge bus service.

Paul CooperPaul Cooper

Liberal Democrat standing in Fairfield Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I am delighted to have been asked to stand as a Lib. Dem. Councillor for the Fairfield ward of Hebden Bridge, an area I have lived within for the last 12 years. I believe I can bring both good people skills and knowledge of business ethics to the Parish Council. A willingness to listen to local residents and businesses in this changed economic environment. As my background in a manufacturing industry has given me a wide breadth of experience. Having been both a manager and also having spent time as Trade Union representative. Having been active in both these roles in which I have had the responsibility for the welfare of individuals and groups of people in many varied situations, I have now a strong belief that as a Lib. Dem. Councillor that open discussion with all parties is the best way to resolve our local communities problems. I am also committed to helping young people find their full potential, to which end I have for a great number of years been involved within the Scout Movement.

I will endeavour through the Parish Council to help as many local charity organisations and causes as possible, particularly those providing support to families bringing up young children in the area.

If elected I would be proud to serve the people of Fairfield.

Karl BoggisKarl Boggis

Liberal Democrat standing in Caldene Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I have served on Hebden Royd Town Council as a Liberal Democrat Councillor since my election in 2008. My committment lies foremost with the community of Mytholmroyd to whom I am grateful for giving me the opportunity to serve them. Having lived in the area all my life it has been an eye-opening experience to witness the resources and work that Hebden Royd Town Council and its staff put in to our area

Having been involved with Community Grants and Allotments Committees, Mytholmroyd Gala Committee, Ground Floor Project, Royd Regeneration, and Mytholmroyd Station Partnership, I look forward to developing relationships and working harder with the bodies that continue to help bring growth to where we live.

I look forward to representing you on Hebden Royd Town Council again and promise to work harder on your behalf.

Christine Bampton-SmithChristine Bampton-Smith

Liberal Democrat standing in Caldene Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

Christine Bampton-Smith lives in Calder Grove and has been your local Caldene Ward Councillor for over twenty years. Christine is married to Michael, and has two grown up children - Adam and Rachael.

On Hebden Royd Council Christine has served on the Environmental Renaissance Committee, whose aim is to improve our area by supporting and funding projects to enhance the area and by having a presence in Hebden Royd with our Environmental Warden.

Anthony-Scott TrickettAnthony-Scott Trickett

Liberal Democrat standing in Cragg Vale Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

Scott has been a Hebden Royd Town Councillor since 2007 representing Cragg Vale ward.

He is a founding member of the Cragg Vale Community Association, the Town and Parish Council Parish Representative on Calderdale Forward and a local school governor.

"My simple goal is for a safe environment for our children to live and play in and to preserve and enhance the special characteristics of our community and area in Hebden Royd" says Scott.

Scott is a Graduate Engineer and married with three young children in Cragg Vale.

John Beacroft-MitchellJohn Beacroft-Mitchell

Liberal Democrat standing in Cragg Vale Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

John has been a councillor for Cragg Vale Ward since 2003. In 2009-10 he was the youngest councillor ever to be granted the honour of being the Mayor of Hebden Royd. He is a member of many local organisations including Roof Over Youth, Royd Regeneration and is a local school governor.

He wants to see control of public buildings transferred to communities to improve services and give a greater sense of public ownership.

John lives in Mytholmroyd and is married with two young children.

Euan BaylissEuan Bayliss

Liberal Democrat standing in Caldene Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I've been living here in Mytholmroyd for just over two years and love being here. I have previous experience of being a Liberal Democrat councillor in London.
During this time I learnt from the work I did and I feel it is important for people to give something back into an area they love.

Mari GreenfieldMari Greenfield

Liberal Democrat standing in West End Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I live in Hebden with my partner and our 3 year old son. I love our town, it's a wonderful place to live. I am standing for the Town Council because I want to make sure it stays this good despite the tough economic times. I'm particularly concerned about what happens to our Picture House, the parks, and our Childen's Centre. I also want to work with Calderdale Council on finding space for allotments within Hebden Royd.

Matthew Talbot

Matthew TalbotLabour Party candidate standing in Caldene Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

Matthew Talbot was born in 1970.  He grew up on Caldene Avenue and attended Burnley Road school.  Nowadays Matthew is a Chartered Management Accountant and works in Halifax.  He is married to Julie, a Community Staff Nurse, and the two of them live with their baby daughter on Heights Road.  Matthew’s family has lived locally for generations and his grandfather served on Hebden Royd council in the 1950’s.

Matthew says, “My principal objective on the Council would be to represent Mytholmroyd to the best of my ability.  Whatever the issue, I want to be a strong voice for local people, ensuring that their opinions are heard.  Times ahead will be tough as the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in government make savage cuts.  I want to ensure that the community is listened to, about cuts to the police, local schools, hospitals and everything else.  We must work together to ensure that local services are protected.”

Hywel MorganHywel Morgan

Liberal Democrat candidate standing in Birchcliffe Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

Hywel has lived in the area for over 10 years. He is a keen cricketer and has captained teams at both Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd Cricket Clubs in recent years.

As a political campaigner he was responsible for developing Lib Dem strategies to combat the BNP and played a major role in helping beat back the BNP in Burnley, Oldham and here in Calderdale.

He recently graduated with a first class degree in Law and currently works in the legal field while attempting to qualify as a Barrister.

Nigel YorkeNigel Yorke

Labour candidate standing in Fairfield Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I see Hebden Bridge as an exciting and interesting place to live, but that's not to say there aren't issues facing us. I believe the town council, working with others, should seek to improve and protect the services and environment we all share and use.

Hebden Royd Town Council and all its elected members should be working for the people of Hebden Bridge, representing their views and listening to their concerns. At a time when the Conservative and Lib-Dem Government are forcing through changes, we need an assertive and responsible approach to local issues, ensuring we achieve what is right for our community.

I have lived in Hebden Bridge for twelve years and work in Halifax designing IT systems for a large financial company. My wife works in Hebden Bridge and our two daughters attend Stubbings Infant School. I have previously been a member of Hebden Royd Town Council for Birchcliffe Ward and have also served as a school governor. I understand the commitment and diligence required to be a town councillor and if elected, will work hard to represent the people of Fairfield ward.

See Nigel Yorke's Election Blog

John FrederiksenJohn Frederiksen

Liberal Democrat standing in Birchcliffe Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I came to settle in Cragg Vale 38 years ago with my Yorkshire-born wife, Patsy. Coming to this area was one of our most lucky decisions, and our two grown-up daughters know how fortunate they were in spending their childhood in this beautiful, culturally exciting and friendly area. I'd make only two changes to the Calder Valley: move it closer to the sea and halve our rainfall!

I have recently been selected by the Lib Dems in our area to stand as your councillor and I am seeking your support in the May Elections. I was a committed councillor on the Hebden Royd Council for 5 years and want to continue working for the area.

I recently retired and now have the time and energy to devote to representing the people of this ward. Most of my working life was spent in the automotive industry, and in latter years I worked in a NHS Trust administration. Although I'm a LibDem candidate I have no fancy political career plans - I want to serve as a diligent and conscientious councillor, doing my utmost for the people and the environment of this ward. I have been campaigning to improve our area for years, the following are just a few issues which have had my attention.

  • Activities for youth, including sport are of particular interest to me. Many years ago I founded Cragg Vale Badminton Club and for the last year I have served on the Hebden Royd Swimming Pool Committee, which is working towards a modern Community Centre including a pool. I'm a member of Royd Regeneration, promoting business and quality of life in Mytholmroyd.
  • For years I have campaigned for a state-of-the-art fibre optic internet service to local businesses and homes, CVON.
  • High local housing costs are of concern to me, each year it becomes more difficult for our daughters and sons to buy homes in the area in which they grew up.
  • Anyone depending on Burnley Road (A646) knows the difficulties caused by traffic increase over the years and frequent disruptions for maintenance, so I'd like to see some research done into ways of alleviating the problems.

Nader FekriNader Fekri

Liberal Democrat standing in West End Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

As a councillor I want to be a voice for my community, to represent the views of the folk I serve, and make a positive difference to our town, striving to improve quality of life for all our diverse communities.

I believe that the town council is vital, as the level of government closest to people.

I have served West End ward on Hebden Royd Town Council for eight years, and Calder Ward on Calderdale MBC for the past seven years.

I am a governor at Riverside Junior School, and a magistrate. I am a History lecturer, married to Helen and have three young sons.

In my spare time, I enjoy solving cryptic crosswords, reading modern European detective fiction, and following the trials and tribulations of Tranmere Rovers.

Michael SmithMichael Smith

Liberal Democrat standing in West End Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I have lived in the Calderdale area for the last 30 years and in the centre of Hebden Bridge for 3 years. I am very committed to our local community and have been involved as a trustee of the Town Hall project and the preservation of the Picture House. I am totally committed to continue the excellent hard work that the Liberal Democrats to the benefit of all in the town.

Christine DavenportChristine Davenport

Liberal Democrat standing in Cragg Vale Ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

Regenerate, Preserve and Protect for our future generations to enjoy. Be it our countryside we live in, our parks we play in, our groups we express ourselves in. My mother, a mill worker, my father a master cobbler, I come from humble background. I'm just a down to earth person who cares about the area my children and now grandchildren grew up in. These are just some of the reasons I became a councillor.

I have been a councillor for 18 months and sit on Twinning, Allotments and Community funding committee and the Allotments working party. I moved from Keighley to Hebden 17 years ago. I work in one of the local charities and have done for the past 9 years. I have learnt so much in the time I have served and found it to be a challenging but rewarding position.

James Baker

James BakerLiberal Democrat who is deemed elected in White Lea ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

James, 27, lives in Longfellow Court and is an experienced civil liberties and privacy campaigner who works for NO2ID - the campaign that scrapped ID cards, and now fights to defend privacy.

James has also volunteered with the White Ribbon Campaign, and supports tackling domestic violence. If elected he hopes to use his campaigning skills to work for the local community, and engage more people with the political decisions that impact upon then.

He dances with Wharfedale Wayzgoose Border Morris, and as a real ale advocate is keen to save our community pubs under threat.

Tony HodginsTony Hodgins

Liberal Democrat who is deemed elected in White Lea ward for Hebden Royd Town Council

I was born on Scout Bottom, Mytholmroyd, in 1946, and now live on Zion Terrace, Mytholmroyd. Having lived here all my life I know the area and its community extremely well.

I would endeavour to carry on the excellent work that the Liberal Democrats have done in this area and would like Mytholmroyd to be a safe, clean and environmentally friendly place to live. Mytholmroyd should not be in the shadow of Hebden Bridge! I would aim to increase resources for the village.


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