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The Rentier City

Wednesday 10 April 2024

Former Stubbings, Riverside and Calder High student, Isaac Rose, was in Hebden Bridge over Easter promoting his new book - The Rentier City.

If you have wondered what is behind the dramatic change in the city's skyline over the past 15 years, this book provides an entertaining explanation and a sharp political dissection of the issues at hand.


Left: Isaac Rose at The Bookcase.
Right: the cover of his book The Rentier City

Looking at the history of Manchester over the past 300 years, the book charts the rise of Manchester as a global industrial power house in the 1800s to its current pursuit of international finance to drive an agenda of economic recovery and asks: "who benefits?"

It shows how global trends - from capital being created through production of goods to 'rentier capital' being derived from the exploitation of assets, such as land and housing - have made Manchester the archetypal neo-liberal metropolis.

Through detailed research and first hand interviews, the book takes the reader on a journey from Peterloo to current planning decisions and examines how Manchester's historic tensions between the liberals and radicals still shape discourse in the city today.

The Rentier City is available at the Book Case, Market Street and on Amazon.

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