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Small ads

My ad has gone over 35 words. Is this a problem?

You have the options of paying for up to 35 words, or up to 65 words. If you go over, we will edit your ad down to the required number of words although we will try to keep the most important part of your ad in place. It is preferable, if possible, for you to keep within the required word limit. If you really need more than 65 words, please email us

My ad isn't there

All ads are posted manually. So there will be a small delay.

1. We try and post them straightaway but that isn't always possible. For example, if they are posted in the early hours they may not appear until later in the morning.

2. You may need to click refresh or renew. Some people's computers keep copies of previously visited pages in their cache.

How do I take down my ad once it is no longer needed?

Just send us an email, telling us of the title of your ad and the date it was placed. If you have been succesful using the HebWeb, we'd be pleased to hear.

Do I have to pay online?

Yes. You have the option of using Paypal or Worldpay. You don't need a Paypal account to pay by Paypal; their system accepts all major cards, as does Worldpay

Is the payment secure?

Yes. When you are making the payment, you are transferred to Paypal or Worldpay's secure website - only they will ever know your payment details..

What format would you like images or photos?

Most people send photos and images as .jpgs but we accept most formats. However, do look at how photos and images are used on the Small Ads page. If the image or photo is too large we will reduce it in size and crop it to fit. Posters and flyers are often not suitable as the wording becomes unreadable when reduced in size.

Can my ad have a box to make my ad stand out?

All ads which are taken out for three months will have a box around them.

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