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Locally based consultant Mark Harrison has been commissioned by the Hebden Bridge Web, in partnership with Bradford based Simula, to deliver a profile of the way in which Hebden Bridge will benefit from broadband technology

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  • Friday, May 2, 2003
    Stop press: WE'VE DONE IT!!!!
    The Hebden Bridge Web has just spoken with Trevor Higgins, Yorkshire Regional Manager of BT who has confirmed that the HB trigger level has been lowered to 300, and that Hebden Bridge should be broadband enabled within two months. He told us that credit should go to the Hebden Bridge Web and all those who have campaigned for broadband.

    Monday, March 31, 2003: Hebden Bridge has been given a trigger level of 500. The current numbers at (1st May):
    Hebden Bridge = 326,
    Calder Valley = 241

  • Patrick Phillips has sent us a very informed contribution discussing Wireless Internet via Community Network 1st May

  • Chris Jackson replies to Mark O'Leary's message of 10th March concerning practical difficulties in applying wireless broadband 1st May

  • Patrick Phillips lets us see his reply from BT Wholesale, giving an "explanation" of why the HB trigger level is 300 more than the Tod one was. 1st May

  • Gordon Rimer writes to tell us of a Mesh networking event 15th April
  • Roger Tattersall writes to tell us about BT's Rural broadband initiative Green Light - 6th April

  • Robert Currey wants to meet up to discuss getting started with a wireless network for Hebden Bridge - 4th April

  • The Hebden Bridge Web is receiving a great response from people completing the online profile form. Ami Hallgarth writes to tell us how the Java Lounge are doing with the printed form - 4th April

  • Sam who is moving to HB from London has some suggestions about helping people to register - 4th April

  • J Wyke suggests ways of persuading people to register - 3rd April

  • Adam H tells of a new development probably not taken into account by BT in their costings - 1st April

  • Hebden Bridge to finally get a trigger level on 31st March! This is the number of registrations we need in order for BT to give us broadband. Thanks to Adam H for being the first to tell us. More info - 25th March

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    Wednesday, October 2, 2002:
    "Exchange Name: HEBDEN BRIDGE: Broadband is not currently available in your area. A detailed review of your exchange has concluded that enabling it is not viable at the present time." - BT Broadband website

    The Hebden Bridge Web feels that this is outrageous and we urge people to email their views to our MP who has already spoken out on this matter: Christine Mccafferty, MP -

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